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Climate Change

The world is already experiencing an increasing frequency of extreme weather events, changes in average temperature and shifts in seasons. Our Climate Adaptation program envisions to build the resilience of communities vulnerable to the impacts of climate change. We introduce best practices, alternate livelihood opportunities, innovative technologies and financial instruments and community-owned models to strengthen the response of the communities and build the resilience of the economy to manage the risks associated with changing climatic patterns. Our projects build practices which, promote behavioural shifts to sustainably utilise resources and also are suited to local conditions.


Alternative Energy

Renewable energy technologies are available from different natural resources: biomass, geothermal, hydropower, ocean power, solar (photovoltaic and solar thermal), wind and hydrogen. Our rural energy access program strengthens the development initiatives in rural and remote regions, prioritizing innovation to suit local conditions. Through the extensive support provided by iNGOs, government and private sectors, we seek to promote the dissemination of renewable energy technologies in the rural communities of Nepal to create a more sustainable way of living. We are also a big believer in digitization of these technologies for better user experience and to enhance scalability .


Water Supply and Sanitation

Functional status of water schemes and the quality of water remains poor with 71% of all water sources and 91% of those used by the poorest quintile contaminated with Escherichia coli bacteria. Only 25% of the water supply in Nepal is reported to be fully functioning and almost 40% requires major repairs. We envision to build environments for the adoption of WASH technologies and improved hygiene behaviours by strengthening the linkages and synergy between the local government organisations and line agencies with WASH responsibilities and non-government and private sector service providers.

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Our Mission

EPC Nepal is a profit for purposeservice-oriented organization that contributes to sustainable community development by combining research and action through integrated programs in the climate change, alternative energy, and natural resource management. We seek to promote the dissemination of renewable energy technologies (RETs) , tand the sustained functioning of water supply and sanitation (WASH) infrastructure and work to restore, maintain and& enhance the natural resources of the region through private sector engagement. EPC targets Terai Districts of Nepal with district-based staff and a coordinating office in Chandranigarpur, Rautahat and an administrative setup in Kathmandu .. Due to a combination of economic, political and cultural factors, these districts have very limited experience with RETs and other allied technologies and  have been labelled Low Penetration Districts by the Alternative Energy Promotion Centre (AEPC), a division of the Ministry of Environment. We intend to increase theour ambit of our work to other spaces of environmental importance such as Land use and Air quality , both a huge issue in the country of Nepal .

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Our Leadership
Sandeep Kanth  .jpg

Sandip Kumar Kanth

Mr. Kanth owns Master's Degree in Renewable Energy and gains long experience in Renewable Energy project management. Besides being a member of Global Alliance for clean Cookstoves, he shares a phenomenal policy advisor in renewable energy and climate change sector in Nepal.


Chandan Pandit

Mr. Chandan Pandit is a professional in the energy and environment sector holding a Master's Degree in Environmental science along with Bachelor of Laws (LLB). He has an outstanding grasp over Project Management with excellent managerial, communication and organizational skill.Mr. Pandit embracesworking in the community behavioral change aspects and policy level stakeholders.

Firoj Chaudhary .JPG

Firoj Kumar Chaudhary

Mr. Chaudhary is a veteran in development sector gaining incredible knowledge and understanding of stakeholders, community and human resources management. He owns long experience in renewable energy, water sanitation and climate resilience.


Sandeep Roy Choudhury

 Sandeep is a co-founder at VNV Advisory Services, a social enterprise working with communities & climate change. He heads VNV’s ownership on low carbon social development projects such as sustainable agriculture, social forestry, clean cooking, rural energy access and waste management.

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